Azurina’s Wedding Fave

🌜Love You To The (Cosmetic) Moon & Back🌛

Summer is upon us, and so is the glorious wedding season. This is a season unlike any other,
and our return to black tie and special occasions should be as memorable as the events

We at Azurina love an event (and so do our bags!). The entire process, from prepping and
priming, to beautifying and dressing, is a cause for celebration. As such, it’s absolutely
essential that you have the perfect pieces to make the big day a little more special. We are
connoisseurs of the everyday essentials that make each moment matter. Weddings are our
specialty. Whether you’re a member of the all-important bridal party, aiming to be the best
dressed guest, or are the centre of attention, the heart of the event as the bridge or groom,
all Azurina pieces are made of (and with) honour, and come in all the shades a blushing
bride could ever need.

The small moon cosmetic pouches make marriage more than convenient. This understated
accessory is equipped to carry all wedding essentials, from hair accessories to skincare
saviours (and the spare safety pins of course!). Whatever your aesthetic, they are
guaranteed to blend right in, ranging from baby blue, to blush pink, and the classics of
traditional black and cream. There will be so much love to go around on your big day, but
spread a little more with a personalised monogram. It’s an extra touch of glam.

The soft and sturdy leather means the cosmetic moon can carry the weight of the
accessories and the weight of the day. Trusted not to change shape; carrying you and your
squad through the day with ease. These lovely pieces are designed to multi-function and
juggle as much as you do, so they can be used as clutches or makeup bags. It’s the
monogram that makes this accessory unlike any other. Stamped with details to treasure for
years to come.

Alternatively, you van level up your bridal style with the Moon Clutch. These dreamy bags
are larger and roomier versions of our small moon makeup bags. All of the essentials are the
same; pull tab for easy opening, beautiful curved shaped and monogram ready. The clutch
bags come with a handy wrist strap and are slightly thinner and taller in shape for optimum
outfit points. They’re dressy enough for the big day main events, and cool enough for lovely
evenings spent dining out. The Azurina moon clutches have stood the test of time as one of
our OG archive pieces, so we can promise you’ll love them all the way to the ‘moon’ and

Love, Azurina x