Azurina Athletics

Azurina Athletics | DROP 1 Our first foray in clothing, this is the new workwear to be lived in and loved. During what felt like endless lockdowns,  I searched high and low for the sweats I wanted at the right price, that didn’t fall apart after a few washes, sweats that didn’t cost the earth or an arm and a leg. I wanted them to be neat, form fitting but not tight and certainly not crazy oversized.  Although if that’s your vibe (Like our In-House Style Council - Dan) just size up as much as you like.  I wanted the fabrics to be super soft but most importantly be able to withstand some aggressive wearing and washing. These are my weekday uniform, dog walks, swims in the lake, working from home, working from the office, driving & popping to the shops.  I feel free and able to get on with the demands of actual life but put-together at the same time. The whole A-Team have lived in and loved, washed & dried these sweats for months to ensure we all whole-heartedly approve and we hope you do too. Drop 1 is our edited essentials in our Winter Neutrals plus some delicious spring bright pastels. We hope you love them as much as we do..  Charlie x  P.S. Proudly made in China by a small female owned business     
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